Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Dare Devil

I did a lot of "daring things" today. For example, during my meal break at work, it was my first time to go out of the building and walked three blocks away with a couple of other girl friends to a 24-hour convenience store to buy food. It was 4AM then. I never did that before worried I might get an overbreak. We're supposed to have exactly an hour for our meal. But I did it anyways and it was refreshing. The goody-two-shoes broke some rules today and I like it!

Next, I was taking a call when I felt the tremors of the earthquake at about 2AM. I was lost for a while feeling our building swaying but I still was able to handle the call.

Slept only three hours this morning. Add another three hours tonight. Now I'm fully awake.

Also went out of my way to buy a new pair of jeans and look for my sister's grad ball shoes. She finishing high school now. Getting mixed emotions with that. Happy coz she's finally through but worried what course she'll be getting and where she will take her college education.

I just had to drop by the moviehouse. I miss those dark places. Thank you for keeping me company!

It's almost 4AM. I woke up and was unable to sleep again. My body clock is still working and it's telling me I'm supposed to be awake now. So here I am.

Ben Affleck is sexy in a catsuit. But J-Lo owns him as of the moment. I think the kid who played young Matt Murdock is a cutie! Saw another side of Colin Farrell in Dare Devil today. So bad. So versatile. So funny. I didn't know before that he can be a comic relief.

The movie was kinda like any other action superhero movie. Nice moves. Cool weapons. Unbelievable power. Beautiful and sexy girl for a partner. For those who haven't seen it yet, stay a while and finish the credits. You'll find out why I think there is a DD 2.

I dunno what to do now. Probably check my mails.

Deep in my soul, I've been so lonely
All of my hopes, fading away
I've longed for love, like everyone else does
I know I'll keep searching, even after today...
We've got tonight
Who needs tomorrow?
We've got tonight
Why don't you stay?

~Ronan Keating, "We've Got Tonight"

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