Monday, March 24, 2003


I am pissed off.
Pissed off from a stupid caller and taking so much time in a stupid call.
Pissed off with this stupid SIM problem with the telecom company.

A few more hours. Two days off.
Just a few more agonizing minutes staring at this computer.
I just had my 15-minute break and I spent that alone in a cold, dark corner in the pantry.
That helped me though. It really did.

I really need a punching bag right now.
Or better yet, give me that sound-proofed, padded room. That would be a relief.

I'm going to see you tomorrow. I will get out of the house even if I walk going to our meeting place. I don't know if my aunt or mother will pay me back later and if I have no money, I can walk, can't I? No, I am not kidding. Nobody can stop me. I just need someone to talk to. Maybe about simple matters (like those stories you always tell me) that will help me forget about reality even for while. I need a shoulder to lean on too. I hope it will be ok with you.

The Academy Awards later. It's been so long since I sat comfortably on the couch and watched TV. Dang! I'm going to change my lifestyle for two days. Better make my SMS sending ok or else it will ruin my days off. I've been a very good customer and caller to them because I know how tough it is to receive problem calls a CSR should resolve. But if I lose my patience (and I am a very patient person), they're going to hear from the other side of me. And they're NOT just going to hear the line "Let me talk to your supervisor!" No way.

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