Saturday, March 29, 2003

There are places I remember...
(This and "I Will Be Here" were my graduation songs.)

I had to go to work early. Very unlike me. I guess I just felt lonely at home. They all went to bring my sister to the Manila Hotel for her graduation ball. She looked beautiful tonight. *sigh* I missed my high school days. Those were my innocent days. I also had time reminiscing my graduation in that same auditorium almost six years ago. I remember going up on that same stage several times with both my parents very proud. My mama said she misses going up the stage. After I graduated high school, I was not fond of going up there anymore. Then my bro and sis have tried their best but they didn't get there. My sis is the top 11 in their batch (250+ graduates). I am so proud of her even if she was not able to go up there and get a medal. But then only the top 5 achievers get recognition. Then I met two of my batchmates. I realized, there are lots of people I lost track with. I even lost track of myself. I better start and find the pieces I left along the way.

My day started badly. I had to walk from Ayala Avenue to my house and that took me about 30 minutes. There was no jeepney available and I don't think I can spend more money for a cab ride since I am still budgeting whatever moolah I have left. I arrived home with sweat running down my chin and my back. I expected my parents to be surprised and take pity on poor me. But no. My mama said, "That's good for a morning exercise!" Aargh! So I went directly to bed without food in my stomach. I was furious. After four hours of straight sleep, my mama woke me up to attend my sister's graduation. I was really NOT in the mood. But when I saw my sister's frown after saying "no", I just had to drag my tired body out of bed. I guess I made the right decision. I had some laughs and some teary-eyed moments. I'm glad I did not miss one of the special days in her life.

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