Friday, March 21, 2003

More Scribbles from a coffee shop
20 March 2003, 8:50AM

Raspberry frap for breakfast. This time, I'm not waiting for someone, but for something to happen. I'm waiting for the mall to open at about 10AM. Why sacrifice two hours of sleep? Because I think this is the best time for me to upgrade my SIM since my prepaid balance just reached zero last night. I'm willing to give up another 24 hours without load in order for my new SIM to be re-activated. Better do it today than do it on the weekend.

Seems like I'm justifying my wait, lack of sleep, uneccessary breakfast expense, just to upgrade my SIM. I treasure my phone that much because I treasure friends and loved-ones whom I could contact using that gadget. Also planning to change the cover ffrom Legolas green color to Gandalf sparkly white! We'll see...

That couch on the corner is tempting me... sleep... sleep...

One hour left before the mall opens. Thirty minutes before George Bush's ultimatum expires. What happens next?


21 March 2003, 7AM

What happened next? Middle East crisis AND more calls for us! Ugh!

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