Saturday, March 15, 2003


...come in all shapes and sizes. Actually, the term is kinda vague. Who would you consider your friend, acquaintance, bestfriend, special friend, boy/girlfriend? How will you know the dividing line between all those? Or are those just simple terms to define a relationship that may have its complexities?

Let's see... I have formulated some categories for this.

Some may not be present but may know everything or most of the things going on in your life. (Hi Lau!)
Some may always be there but may not know the updates in your life. (Aherm!)
Some may be near but may not always be there for you. (Many names to mention.)
Some may be near and may always be there for you whatever happens. (I lack those.)
Some may be far but there is still communication.
Some may be far and may not know that you are still existing. (Oh yeah... You can say that again.)
Some may always be there for you whatever happens. Always there all the time. (Where are those types?)
Some may just pop up when they need something from you. (Users!)
Some may arrive when you desperately need help. (Friends in shining armors! Thank God for those.)
Some may be special enough for you to give them special attention and care.
Some you may find special when you see them but not really when you don't. (Hehehehe!)
Some may be on the border of friendship and a more serious and deeper relationship that they're not quite friends but they'r enot quite lovers.

Any more categories? That's all I can think of as of the moment.

Where do I belong?

Where do you belong?

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